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When servicing a mattress we request for the bed to be stripped and if possible all the linen to be washed including the mattress protector. The bed can be made up immediately after the cleaning process as this is a totally dry cleaning method. The time taken to complete a double mattress is 15-20  minutes including two pillows.


We specialise in dustmite and dustmite faeces removal from mattresses in Homes, Hotels, Guest Houses, B&B's, Holiday and Rented accommodation etc:

Our sanitisation process eliminates Dust Mites and their Faeces, Mildew, Mould, Viruses, Bacteria, Dog Dander, Cat Saliva, Dead Skin Cells and Pollen which are known to cause or worsen allergies and illness.

We achieve this through the use of our 3 step system  comprising :

1. Highly Technologically Advanced and Powerful Vacuuming System fitted with HEPA 2 filters as used in hospital ICU facilities.

The machines we use are high power vacuum cleaners which penetrate the mattress for up to 22 cm. The purpose of the vacuum is to remove all dust mite and dust mite faeces, including dry human skin which provides the organisms with a food source. Tests have revealed that up 5 million dust mites live within this environment. This method is internationally recognised within the hospitality industry.

2. Germicidal UVC Light Treatment

One of the most efficient purifiers is natural sunlight, more specifically in the UVC spectrum. Unfortunately it does not occur indoors. UVC light is germicidal, it deactivates the DNA of dust mites, bacteria and viruses, fungi and mould and thus destroys their ability to multiply and cause disease.

UVC is generated using a special mercury vapour lamp which generates a frequency that destroys dust mites, viruses and odour causing bacteria. This frequency penetrates the mattress, thus destroying all the dust mites and viruses. We achieve a 99.9 % kill rate. To get this target we also have to control the speed we travel over the mattress to 35 squared centimetres every 1.5 seconds.

3. On completion a Mattress Hygiene Certificate  is issued to the owner or organisation confirming that mattresses and pillows have been treated by Mattress Hygiene. This cleaning process will need to be performed every 90 days for Hotels, Resorts, etc. and every 180 days for Private Homes. Mattress cleaning can be done at shorter, regular intervals as well, depending on personal preferences.

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