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This Life Skills and Leadership programme started in 1987 and was developed  as a Community Programme for young children to be part of. The Programme was run by a Community Club called The Better World Club.  A small club of  young individuals who believed that the world could be a better place for all living in it. The programme later became more outbound and environmentally focused. The name then changed to Edutrail. A name that was carried through till 2000. Creative Dynamics was then created as the Organisation, with the Ability Builder Programme as it’s core focus.

The Ability Builder Programme is run by a group of highly motivated, enthusiastic and energetic individuals. These individuals are chosen for their Leadership skills based on the 8 pillars of Leardership that the programme encompasses. These individuals must also demonstrate a high level of the need to personally succeed. Fundamentally important to the selection process is the individualslevel of Human Relations.